4 rooms en suite: 'Zomerkamer', 'Die rooze’, 'Uchtendliefde' & 'Moederken'

Die Rooze

At dawn, nature's symphony fills your ears with the sounds of the new day.


The taste of the countryside in a range of yellow shades witnesses of 'Simplicity and Abundance'.



  • Radio and cd-player with cd's are available in each room.
  • Fridge is to be shared
  • Wifi for free


A story-telling room.
Starting out as a doctor’s office
it continued life as a haven for our ageing mum.
Now it has found a new destination.
It is the perfect spot for our guests to nestle,
to daydream and quietly enjoy some great moments.

Wheelchair accessible

  • coffeemaker
  • fridge
  • gas cooker
  • TV