You are most welcome in this warm and inviting house with its French charm.
An ode to rural life in the heart of the Westhoek.
Simplicity, abundance and heartiness are the special presents of this house.

A garden where the world seems to have come to a stop.
A garden in which you smell the sweetness of spring.
In summer you are cherished by Mother Nature.
In autumn you hear the whispering prayers of the wind.
In winter, sitting in front of the fire-place, you can see how everything is losing its external layer.

‘Simplicity and Abundance’ turning pleasure into perfect happiness.
A favourite place for bohemien and rest-seeker, for memory-writer and poet, for nature-lover and…
You are a special guest in a friendly family.

The hostess loves

  • the sound of silence
  • writing in her diary
  • the smell of thyme and lavender
  • cooking with seasonal ingredients
  • meeting and pampering people
  • cuddling her grandchildren
  • the magic of everything

July and August: minimum 2 nights